DiscoverNZTourism App is a product created by Tuhura Ltd

Designed for both tourists to New Zealand and local New Zealanders, the Tuhura interactive tourist app. is GPS linked so you can view 90 second film clips of events that happened at the New Zealand tourist places you visit.

Whether it is Auckland, Nelson-Tasman, Rotorua or Queenstown, you can browse from the comfort of your hotel room, campervan, bus or local café.


Tuhura – why the company name?

Centuries ago Māori overcame incredible odds to discover New Zealand. The seas and currents surrounding New Zealand can be as perilous as any around the world. Long before sophisticated navigation technology was invented, Māori demonstrated amazing seamanship, navigational skills, waka (boat) building prowess, courage and adventure to not only discover Aotearoa New Zealand but to then make return journeys to back to Hawaiiki to bring their whanau (families) to settle in this new country.

It is a heritage to be justifiably proud of. Tuhura is Māori for “to discover.” In the same spirit, aware of carrying this great legacy, Tuhura Ltd endeavours to help people overcome modern day obstacles to discover the heritage stories of the places they live in or visit.


Tuhura – the beginnings

Tuhura was conceived of and established by Gordon and Cathy Duncan who come from Auckland’s North Shore.

Gordon says, “While mulling over the problem of young New Zealanders leaving the country to find work overseas we began to ask ourselves, ‘What business could employ young people, create something useful and also benefit the communities in which it was used?’”.

A tourism related smartphone app like Tuhura fitted the bill perfectly. It means local communities will be boosted by an increase in tourists and, in the long term, by a foundation funded by a percentage of Tuhura’s profits.



Our video and animated stories will become the waharoa (doorway) for Aotearoa residents and visitors to discover more about our heritage and culture; and that they will be engaged and enriched by that discovery.


Ko Nga Uara (Tuhura Values)

Kia pono – we believe in being truthful, honest and acting with integrity

Whanaungatanga – we believe in partnerships built on mutual respect and working together that become deeper and richer over time, always playing to each other’s strengths.

Kaitiakitanga – to help improve our Aotearoa New Zealand environment and knowledge of our unique cultural heritage

Maramatanga – we hope that people who see, hear and share our stories will receive enlightenment, insight and understanding and that they will enjoy the process.

Te Aroha – our stories are based on feelings of love, compassion and empathy towards those who have shaped our country


Whakatauki: (Māori proverbs)

Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu (Although small, it is precious)

Ki te hamama popoia te tangata, e kore e mau te ika. (If a man spends his nights yawning, he will not catch any fish. )

Te toia, te haumatia (Nothing can be achieved without a plan, workforce and way of doing things)

Ki mua, Ki muri (The past is the future)

Whatungarongaro te tangata toitu te whenua (People come and go – live and pass away – but the land always remains)